Shahr-e Aftab Complex

Shahr-e Aftab Complex :


Shahr-e Aftab Complex

IPAP and pacprocess Tehran 2019 will take place at Shahr-e-Aftab (Sun City in Persian) Int’l Fairground, the newest and most modern exhibition center in Iran. This complex has indoor standard halls and also other modern facilities. It is located in south of Tehran, next to the main highway to the International Imam Khomeini Airport, has a dedicated metro station and international hotel facilities nearby. It is the perfect venue for this outstanding exhibition and provides the best place for your success. The gross exhibition area is 100,000 m². The net exhibition area inside the halls is 25,000 m².

Total Area: 275 hectares
Indoor Space: 3 halls with a total area of 34,000 square meters
Temporary exhibition places:  A total area of approximate 28000 square meters
Nations Hall:  More than 7000 square meter area
Administrative Space: 24000 square meters in two floors
Parking Lot:     

About 120,000 square meters

Total capacity for 11,000 cars, 300 vans and taxis, and 150 buses at the same time.

Office and Seminar Buildings: 38,000 square meters
West and East Four Garden (Chahar Baq): 1.5 km length, 90 meters width, Diameters of 200 square meters for central square
West and East Garden (Godal Baqche): 550 meters length and 80 meters width (first part)
West and East Garden (Godal Baqche): 550 meters length and 80 meters width
Other Services: Banks & ATMs, Restaurant & Coffee shop, Stores and etc.